Keywords are used to attract customers from various sites through backlinks. It is obvious that all businesses must be using their own keywords to increase the traffic to their website, there arises keyword competition among the competitors.

Main reasons behind keyword competition

Every industry has their own type of clients and they all give their maximum efforts to attract the customers to their site. Business websites use keywords that best define their business and all other competitors under the same industry must be using similar type of keyword for their business.

When industry have same product to sell then their keyword will match till a certain level. There comes the need of using better keywords that are slightly different from other firms, attractive to customers and has less competition. This gives rise to research and development of new keywords in the industry.

How does it work

Search engine users place their keyword to the search engine to get the desired information. Search engine gives priority on those companies that have more appropriate keywords in their site as demanded by internet users.

Search engine places those site names at the top of their SERP pages that have useful data, more visitors, higher PageRank and authority.

How to check SEO keyword competition

There are a number of paid keyword research tool available in the market. There are also some websites like that will help you do initial keyword research for free. But one of the most popular and free keyword research tool is Google AdWords keyword research tool. However, in the coming months it will be deprecated. But don’t worry. You can still use it by signing into your AdWords account and then find “Keyword Planner” tool. Actually “Keyword Planner” is going to be the new name of “Google AdWords keyword research tool”.

How to make the most of keyword competition

  • Try to learn new things from your competitors, as they have experience and they are always looking for the same thing that you are interested in.
  • Research should be done in proper way, consult experts when needed.
  • Merely copying from the site of your competitor will not help you go a long way.
  • Check out for the wrong decisions of your competitors and try to avoid them.
  • Always try to keep yourself up-to-date.
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