Rating on Mochi MediaDeveloping a Flash game is quite interesting where you begin with a naïve concept and then go ahead in creating your little universe around it. Improving your game rating on Mochi media involves a mix of two different strategies. Developers need to give a strong focus on the ethics of the game, and at the same time get involved in various means of marketing as well.

Focusing on the game

With Mochi media games it takes more than what it is required to develop any other game. Focus on the following:

1)    Channelizing the gameplay: As a developer you need to work more than the basics and include a good amount of innovation. Ensure that your game has solid mechanics and do not create a random copy. Work out controls that are well and not dodgy for the users.

2)    Visual appeal: Looks are always granted the benefit of doubt. Take a look back at the game to ensure that you have included all elements that add to the aesthetics of the game, thus increasing it’s value.

3)    Add music. It works: Adding music to your game will ensure that users do not leave behind when there is an ad displayed. Pipe some music that adds to the mood of your game.

4)    Search if your game is visible: Make sure that your game is visible to Mochi media reviewers and appears on the game catalog. If it hasn’t been reviewed, or is present under the 0 rating category, it is time that you send out an e-mail to the Mochi media games reviewer team and ask for a second round of review.

Marketing Strategies

To make a good deal with Mochi media, there is quite a bit of marketing effort that is required.

1)    Reaching out to multiple portals: It is wise to make an encrypted SWF of the game along with a couple of logos and a basic .txt description and upload them in possible portals. For instance, you can choose websites such as Addicting Games, UGO Player, and more. Although tedious, it is said to generate quick number of views within a short span of time. Ensure that you draft your e-mails in a professional manner instead of merely having to say, “Please accept my game”. Remember that these portals receive humpty number of submissions every day and it is important to stand outside the crowd.

2)    Explain what makes your game different: Say what makes your game stand out. Test your game thoroughly to ensure it is bug free and user-friendly as well. This will make your game unique and help you take the most advantage out of it.

Follow these simple strategies to make the best out of your game with Mochi media. Above all, take up honest advice or feedback and do not retaliate when criticized. Marketing strategies have been in vogue for centuries and applying the right sort of strategies on your game is sure to fetch good revenue.

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