increase twitter presenceYou can open accounts on different social networking sites in a few minutes. However, building a strong network and improving your social networking presence is time consuming and it requires a lot of planning and organized activities. The trickiest part begins once you aim at building followers and engaged communities that will help you brand your organization and increase your ROI.

This article will guide you through the process of improving your twitter presence and provide you with some exclusive tips and suggestions.

Reply customer queries on regular basis

One of the best strategies to improve your twitter presence is to answer questions of the customers on regular and priority basis. This creates a great impression on the follower community as they appreciate quick solution to their issues and also begin to feel that your customer services reliable enough to recommend.

  • Organize the questions and queries from the previous week and rank them according to emergency to ordinary.
  • Check all of your customer channels like IM, forums, Facebook fan page, Twitter fan responses, emails and phone calls for questions.
  • Arrange them according to different criteria like customer service, tech help, sales and promotions, product related questions etc.
  • Pick one fixed day of the week to tweet the answers; regularly announce “the answer day” in other tweets.

Make the best use of your Bio section

There is 160 characters in total for describing your bio – arrange and use keywords that are connected to your business to make your twitter account more search friendly.

Don’t forget to tweet about product/ project success

Your business makes a clear impression on your followers when they come to know about products, projects and services that are doing well in the market. Such regular updates distinguish your company from others of the sector.

  • Tweet about achievements and goals. It reflects that your company is reliable and trustworthy.
  • Gaining a new client or deal is an important accomplishment for your company. Share the news with your community. Make your customers feel that you do care for them.

Tweet on relative topics only

  • Keep separate twitter accounts for business and personal purpose. Do not bring in personal issues on your business profile.
  • Maintain professionalism while responding.
  • Ask, answer, re-tweet and respond.

Arrange some regular deals

  • If you examine businesses that have successful presence on twitter, you will see that they offer daily or weekly special deals, sometimes exclusively for twitter followers. By adapting this idea, you can also increase follower’s attention, participation, and re-tweets, and attract more and more new followers every day.
  • Offering discounts, special promotions, gift vouchers and coupon submissions are other popular methods to attract more potential customers.

Use hashtags (#) in tweets

Hashtags can be very useful in improving twitter presence as it highlights the word from rest of the part of your tweet.

  • Hashtags helps to increase ranking in twitter search and they also look great in tweets
  • Overdoing hashtags can be confusing; use only to emphasize the important words.

Other important and effective ideas to improve your twitter presence include photo tweets, linking YouTube videos, help/ trivia tweets regarding new product utilization, and last but not the least – be very careful about grammar and spelling while you tweet.

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