If you or your business are fitness professionals, you’ll be wanting to take advantage of the online community who are looking for the kind of services you offer.

Having a website is now a natural part of any company, but it needs to look the part and be targeted at the audience you are looking to attract.

Having a website means keeping it up to date, making it look high quality, it should offer relevant content and have a way of keeping customers and potential customers up to date with the fitness programmes you’re offering – usually by way of a blog.

Keeping your website up to date

It’s very frustrating to find a website for a local company to then realise that it hasn’t been updated for a year or so – or even longer. You wonder if they are still in business and that if they can’t take the time to keep their online image looking good, then are they a company you’d trust to help with your personal fitness needs?

Keeping a website current means any special offers have to be removed as soon the window to apply expires, keeping pricing structures current, ensuring that email addresses, locations and phone numbers are correct and that the overall style of the site doesn’t look dated or amateur.


Anyone visiting your site will want to know exactly what you do and how they can find out more or perhaps book some training sessions with you and they don’t want to be digging around a site which is difficult to navigate.  Blog entries must be current and there shouldn’t be yawning gaps between entries as it shows that an initial burst of enthusiasm quickly burnt out and this in turn is a real turn-off for potential customers.

Attracting customers

You’ll be wanting to attract new customers as this is the life blood for fitness professionals so talk to experts  such as Startup Active about the ways to ensure you appear high in the results for search engine results and visitors return time and again to find out your current news.

Fitness professionals such as yourself want the best outcome for those you train and give the healthy lifestyle they desire. Place as much motivation and passion into your website and you’ll soon find that you’re as successful with finding and keeping new business as you are encouraging clients to break their personal bests in a 5km run.

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