amazon affiliate programAmazon affiliate program is a scheme with which website owners make money by referring the customers to other websites that sells different products or services. Many webmasters are earning money with Amazon affiliate program. When a webmaster sign up for Amazon affiliate program, he is called as the affiliate. The role of an affiliate is not to sale the product; he just has to refer the customers to the other website. The affiliate gets money when any user from his/her website goes to the Amazon website and purchases any product from that website, a specific amount of money or commission is given to the affiliate.

Thousands of people purchase products from Amazon as it is a trusted brand so, a webmaster can easily earn money by affiliating with Amazon. An affiliate gets revenue on every product he refers to his website viewer and the viewer purchases that product.

A webmaster can refer a product of Amazon related to his website or blog. In writing articles on the blog, a web owner can easily add text link to the product page of Amazon, these are called affiliate links. The main thing is how webmaster adds link in his writing so, that it looks natural. When a customer, clicks, views and purchases the product then web owner is also given profit.

A wide range of products are available at Amazon so, a webmaster can easily select a product to refer relevant to the theme of his website or blog. The commission given to the affiliate depends on the price of product that a customer purchases. Commission is high on high price products, and on low price products, commission is low. To make more people attracted towards the product and purchase it, using image links to the Amazon product page is a good idea.

For making money with Amazon affiliate program here are some points:

Select a topic in which you are interested and have knowledge about it. Make a blog or website.

Select a domain name and register it. Get service from a web hosting company for the web hosting of your website.

Sign up for Amazon affiliate program, account approval generally takes 24 to 48 hours.

Make affiliate links of the products in the content of your website or blog which takes a customer to the product page of Amazon. Your website must have some reviews of that product that makes the customer to take decision easily whether to purchase the product or not.

For earning money, the main point is to promote the website or blog.

The best thing about Amazon is that an affiliate not only gets revenue on the purchased product which he has referred, he also gets commission on all the products that customer has purchased in 24 hours. A webmaster can also put the affiliate Amazon links in his Facebook posts or twitter posts. There are two simple methods with which an affiliate can get the revenue from Amazon. An affiliate can get revenue by directly deposited in his bank account or he can also receive Amazon gift card.

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