google plusThe recently launched social network Google+ has over 100 million users now. The site offer personalized features for businesses, so you should definitely try making the best out of this opportunity to promote your business.

If you are already promoting your business on Facebook and Twitter, then why should you go for G+ additionally? There are a number of reasons why you should not miss out on the opportunities that Google plus can offer.Below are some tips on how to use Google Plus in order to get better business exposure.

Make your company look better in the eye of Google

Google is no doubt the most popular search engine these days, and it would definitely give priority to the companies that use G+ since you will receive a good number of safe and reliable back links from Google domains. Being listed on the first page of Google search result can increase your ROI in a flash.

Back to back marketing management

If your business is interconnected with other businesses, then using G+ will be of great help for your business. G+ is visual content and group discussion friendly. Therefore, utilizing G+ for promoting visual products or content-heavy business is a great choice. For example, Photography firms can connect with clients and showcase their works in G+ more efficiently than any other social network.

Easy and absolutely free video calling with customers, colleagues and media promoters

  • Google Hangout, an outstanding feature on G+ is a video chat tool. It can host video conference for up to 10 parties at a time.
  • There is an innovative and effective feature named “screen share” which can be very effectively utilized for business purposes.
  • Easy and free of cost direct communication within employees and organizations from all around the world. Managing “Circles” with just one click G+ helps you to manage customers and clients into separate groups that they call “Circles”. This feature is priceless, because separating different client groups according to their qualities helps to communicate with them more efficiently. For example, you can easily find out the clients who have long term relationships with your company and offer them premium services and special discounts instantly.

Free conversation and focus groups

G+ has great facilities to start free Q&A sessions. You can put forward your business related inquiries there and get answers from experienced people. No need to pay professional consultants whatsoever! You can have your solutions from the real life experts for free!

Well-organized public relation tool

In my humble opinion, G+ circle is more organized than other popular social networks since it builds up a potential responsive community for each business field. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, G+ ensures maximum response when you tailor messages for followers, clients and collaborated companies.

Brand promotion and special campaign

Undoubtedly G+ is a first-rate option for branding your products and services to gain online reputation. It is one of the strongest networks that you can make the best use of while promoting your business product. You can also propose premium and/or special offers to customers who contact your company via G+ advertises.

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