domain ageThe domain age also does play a major role in Search Engine Optimization. This is not the initial launch date of the site, but the oldest date that runs back to the indexable content.

All said and done, while it sounds like “Old is Gold”, there are yet a few factors which might be a cause of concern. Sometimes the domain age might be misinterpreted and overestimated. Some factors to be aware of are :

  • Domains can be registered and parked for a long time without being used.
  • New domains of established companies might be redirected from the old domain using 301-redirect.

The two main points that put a domain age of a website beyond the rest are:

  • Old sites will also mean that the site is well established.
  • Rules out the possibility of being a spammer since spam sites generally last for only about a year.

The longer the domain has been active the more credits it gets for reliability. The two crucial aspects, trust and creditability, are very useful in getting a high ranking. If the site has been active for a long time and has a good and healthy traffic and has established itself properly, it portrays signs of good quality development which search engines like to see.

A well-organized marketing strategy always needs to have a few characteristics such as patience, planning and foresight.

The domain age does matter to the algorithm, authority and the search engine trust, which are not earned easily. This maturing of content and its links over time creates trust among the search engines.

The domains with authority have the benefits of enjoying accelerated search and quick indexing which in turn increases its scores. These sites have the potential to get better ranks with much lesser effort.

These high authority sites generally attract links from other sites with equal or better authority which makes the links healthy and good which helps in creating genuine traffic and getting a relevant higher rating. Since these sites have enough authority, because of the quality of links that they have generated, it is not possible for anyone to stop it from gaining on its ranks.

The age of a domain cannot be fixed. These sites are almost impossible to scam for the simple reason that the site has been indexed for a long time and the site has not practiced Black Hat SEO or been delisted. The site is not an overnight operation and needs to be treated seriously.

This is totally opposite to the way that spammers operate. Spammers generally run the site for a year, achieve what they require and then carry on. The age of a domain can be found out at the WHOIS directory. If the domain has been registered for less than a year, the reliability is a little lower in the search engines view. This can only develop with time.

Determining the age of the domain is one of the many complex assessments that are made on all the sites by the web search engines.

These factors discussed in the article could help a site get its rankings because of its age. Old can be gold in this case.

To check domain age:

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