If you are wondering how SEO started, it actually covered years of improvements and discoveries that made it what it is today. It all started back in 1998 in which the discovery of business structures based wholly on organic search was revealed. In the year that followed, the very first Internet consultant named himself as SEO.

The years that followed revealed several improvements that are worth noting. The SEOs gathered to examine the patents made by Google while the link builders generated the industry-based web directories and the SEOs also discovered keyword ranking improvements with the use of articles. There was much advancement that started on 2003 up to the present while the overall value of the North American search engine marketing industry started and eventually continued to grow. After the theory of keyword density was discovered, the SEOs discovered the Google local search results and eventually the golden age of keyword meta-data ends.

At around 2007, many web developers and SEOs contest on the use of CSS markup when it comes to the optimization of sites. In 2009, the period of local search started which eventually led to the creation of personalization which forces the SEOs to undervalue the keyword rankings. On the other hand, SEOs were able to gain revenue from organic search. Due to the widespread use of social media site, there was wide acceptance that the social media signals are important ranking elements in 2010. Today, it is considered as the golden age of revenue-based SEO tactics while the overall value of the search engine marketing industry has reached approximately $19 billion. For the projections, about 80% of businesses and companies claim that social media has a huge impact on the search marketing activity while about 54% of companies are expected to spend more on SEO.

The infographic was created by William Tyree. He is a marketing technologist and a writer as well as the present Vice President of Marketing for DemandResults. He has worked in various fields as a marketing and technology strategist, as well as with healthcare, entertainment, B2B software, legal and many more. Some of his works were even published in Harvard Review, Japan Inc., The Atlantic and many more.



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