We all know that colors, texture and smell affect the way people react to products before actually giving a step further and purchasing them. Researches have been made and an interesting infographic has been created by KissMetrics. This infographic  shows interesting facts about how we relate to colors before we buy something, after all, colors certainly mean a whole lot!

Buyers state that the color is the differential when buying. 93% of people state that colors matter more than texture and smell when shopping. Colors also mean a lot when the subject is branding. Many businesses do thorough research before actually creating their logos , because colors will be essential when trying to cause an impact to the public.

Colors also have different meanings in different countries, let’s take a look to what appeals the most in North America when the subject is color!

  • Black – A synonym of luxury! Perfect for expensive products.
  • Pink – Feminine.
  • Purple – Youthful. Perfect for beauty products.
  • Green – Shows peace. Perfect for businesses.

Colors also seem to attract different buyers! For example, blue and teal seem to appeal the most to buyers who are in a tight budget. As the colors such as pink, light blue and rose seem to attract traditional costumers, such as costumers that are used to buying at the same clothing store etc.

Costumers also care a lot of the combination of color and design. When online shopping, if the person thinks the site is hard to surf or even was poorly designed, he or she is certainly less likely to ever come back to the domain! This proves that people do care about design and practicality even when simply shopping and that design and colors are decisive before any kind of purchase.

In case you would like to create a brand or even sell more, make sure you pay attention to the colors you choose!



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