Back in 2010 some successful businessmen created Pinterest, a site that shows the nicest pictures and has people pin them as they like! The site later became a very useful tool for businesses and other marketing purposes. The site has dramatically grown over the last few years and apparently it grows more and more each passing year.

Pinterest became one of the greatest traffic generators on the web, barely staying behind big sites like Twitter and Google +. It is a perfect tool for companies that would like to generate more profit as people get to see their brands, pictures etc. In fact, Pinterest has more users than Facebook (during the first years it was launched). We should definitely give some of our love to Pinterest, it certainly deserves it.

Pinterest stands out because it looks like a bulletin board online. It is much easier and much more fun to check Pinterest than to read certain news on the web, for example. Users can create their own picture boards, share them and also like other people’s profiles or even single boards. If the user wishes, he or she may also locate certain boards by topic. For example, they can locate boards related to their preferences, certain objects and much more.

People may repin, post their own pictures or even add subs to the pictures posted. Most pictures on Pinterest were a result of “repins”, which means a certain user found a picture somewhere inside Pinterest and then re posted it on his own profile. Although most Pintereset users are females (over 80%), males still have a great share of the importance of the site. If you are a male, do not be embarrassed, the ladies will welcome you and you will certainly find a lot of things that will interest you!

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