The Economics of Going Viral

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There is much more involved in going viral then simply releasing a fun video online. Yes! There is much more behind the viral videos that are all over YouTube. There are managers, producers, award shows and content networks. Apart from that thousands of square meters exist in order to keep these videos up and going. This interesting infographic brought to you by clearly shows very nice information regarding the number of watches YouTube usually gets, the overall number of views the site gets and also the revenue advertising gets. If you would like to know more about YouTube and its perks then this infographic is the right option for you.

You will also be able to find out which are the most famous channels in the most famous site of videos in the whole world. These channels make a lot of money out of advertisement! Yes, it is very nice to express yourself and say what you have in mind, however it is also important to know that these people who release videos on YouTube earn cash from the revenue made by the advertisement companies that advertise on their videos whenever a person hits the play button. Regardless of what you are watching, someone behind the computer is making some cash out of it.

Not only is YouTube important to show the public videos, but these very same footages also make people eager to interact with other people and share their thoughts about what these videos portray. There is a huge community involved in this, so it is not only about YouTube and its advertisement. There is much more than that meets the eye. For you and your friends to fully understand these real facts, make sure you check this nice  and neat infographic to learn more. You will certainly get very impressed with the information that you will learn.

The economics of going viral


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