The Psychology of ColorThe is well aware of the importance of colors and presents the infographic “The Psychology of Color” as a useful guide for both homeowners and business owners.  Initially, there are certain colors that you should paint in a particular room. For offices, blue is the ideal choice since it is considered as the most productive color. For bedrooms, green is the preferred option since it exudes tranquility and health. Of course, for a girl’s room, it is commonly pink due to its warm and calming nature. Kitchens should be painted in yellow since it brightens up the space, boosts the energy and metabolism. Living rooms must be painted in lavender since it offers a relaxing nature and helps calms the nerves. Lastly, for the dining rooms, red is the preferred color since it encourages the appetite.

We will now take a close look on color psychology with the primary colors. Yellow offers a warm and cheerful nature but it will likely cause eye strain or eye fatigue and can make babies cry. Blue is the preferred color by men. It exudes serenity and calmness as well as the commonly used color for offices. This color curbs the appetite and linked with peace and water. Lastly, red can evoke strong emotions such as intensity or passion. It even encourages appetite. Additionally, studies reveals that red can make individuals perform poorly in exams.

For the accent colors, green stands for tranquility, health, nature and money. Purple signifies royalty, success, wealth and wisdom. Pink is used to provide a calming effect as well as stands for romance and love. White is the best option to create an illusion of space. The color stands for innocence and purity. Brown exudes practicality, earth, reliability and boredom while orange is best used to draw in attention. It stands for warmth, excitement, enthusiasm and caution. Lastly, black is equal to evil, death, mourning and slimming. The ancient Egyptians believed that the color symbolizes life and rebirth.

In advertising, certain colors are used. Major companies utilize their own color schemes with a specific aim. Green symbolizes fertility and was the chosen color for wedding gowns back in the 15th century. Today, the green M&M’s is believed to transmit a sexual message. Blue is typically used in the corporate business field since it is productive and not invasive. It is the color used by Forbes and AT&T. Red is used by KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Wendy’s to stimulate the appetite. Colors such as black, white, silver and gold are commonly used by Chanel, Michael Kors and Prada to exude the feeling of sophistication. Lastly, colors such as white, pink and lavender are used to exude a feminine touch as well as a clean and calm feeling.


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