Business Website RedesignThe infographic by, “Why small businesses need website redesign” shows the reasons why certain websites require a redesign. One of the main reasons why a particular website has outdated content  is that it is simply difficult to keep the site updated and requires much technical knowledge. They typically depend on a web design company to make changes to their website content. If website owners are asked when they last updated their website, the answer is something like this– a long time ago. The solution to these issues is to redesign your website with a content management system that provides you with the flexibility to update your content when required.

With the latest content management systems, content management has become a lot easier than before. Be familiar with a simple text editor. It is the only skill that is required to make the necessary changes to the texts, images and other media files. You can even add pages or sections to the website using the visual interface of the CMS.

Remember that website navigation will not harmonize with the latest design advancements. In case you start to lose visitors, you should take a look at your home page and try to make it more attractive. Also consider redesigning some pages like the about us page and the contact page of your website. Take note that heavy graphics and outdated codes will increase the loading time of your website. If your website takes more than five seconds to load, it is best to hire a web designer/developer to check the problem. It is important to consider a redesign to achieve a lesser loading time. Websites that utilize the old technology platform should consider redesigning by integrating new platforms such as website blogs, social media features, advanced open source software technologies. Websites that are not mobile friendly should be redesigned. Due to the increased use of mobile phones, your website must be easily accessible to mobile phone users. And of course, it is important that your website is compatible with at least three browsers, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Make sure that your website is checked by an experienced web design company that has experience in SEO. In case visitors cannot find what they need, it is best to build visitor specific landing pages.


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