A blog makes money in several ways. A lot of these blog use Google Adsense popularly called pay per click advertising, selling digital and physical products, affiliate marketing as their blogs’ main source of income.

With more traffic to the site, the owner can ventures into direct advertisements, this brings in more profit to the blog. However, advertisers are not just looking for high traffic website alone, but specialize blogs. In other words, niche blog to advertise.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the things advertisers look for in a blog before they decide to do business with you.

What advertisers look for:


The more traffic you have the more the chances are there to get advertisers that will advertise in your blog. Advertisers most often use directories to find popular niche site. A blogger, working towards having his blog listed among the top directories is the key to getting advertisers to the blog, because the advertiser sees this list as a reliable source.

So if your blog is not among the top directories, its better you start submitting it now. Examples of such directories include Technorati, alltop etc.

Traffic stats

The number of traffic that comes to the site especially, excite advertisers. If you have tons of traffic to your website, you’ll definitely have people that will want to advertise on your blog.

With little traffic, advertisers will not contact you for direct advertisement or listen to your ad invitation.

Having the same topic

A niche blog will give you value for your money. For instance, a blog targeting bee keeping is more likely to attract targeted traffic interested in bee keeping and advertisers that will advertise on bee farming, bee tips and other related topics.


Though not a serious criterion for advertisers to buy direct advertisement space, but advertisers are looking to know the genuineness of the blog and to make sure it’s not a blog created by a spammer.

The advertiser looks at virtually everything in the blog, from articles, to logos, to blog design and most importantly the blog value. A higher blog value will lure these advertisers to you.

People following

A niche site with a number of targeted followers will make the advertiser more willing to advertise.

The reason is not far fetch, as these niche blog will have a loyal group of followers. This will make the followers buy or subscribe to anything that the blogger offers. 

Making advertisers to buy direct advertisement is all about making the first impression when they come and making the first impression is about having a blog with the features shown above.

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