Google Adsense and WordPress
Google Adsense is a way to make money online using your website or blog. If you apply to Google Adsense and you are accepted, then Google allows you to post advertisements on your website or blog. Each click on those advertisements generates a profit, which Google splits with you. One commonly known blogging platform is WordPress. WordPress is also considered as one of the most popular content management system (CMS). However, if your blog or website uses a subdomain of, you aren’t allowed to insert Google Adsense. You must host your WordPress site or blog elsewhere to be able to use Google Adsense to generate income. WordPress has their own advertising program called WordAds, and it does not allow third party advertisements on its hosted sites.

What Is Needed
Once you have a WordPress site that isn’t hosted by WordPress itself, you are ready to apply for Google Adsense. You need to display two things on your website: Google Adsense code (which means you have already been accepted into the Google Adsense program) and a privacy policy link.

Google Adsense JavaScript Code
First of all, you will have to place some JavaScript code in a particular php file. You may like to insert the JavaScript code into sidebar.php, single.php or page.php file of your theme. You can do it simply using the WordPress admin panel or directly modifying the targeted  file after logging into your hosting admin  panel.

To display ads in widget area, you need WordPress 2.2 or later. This version of WordPress allows you to add text widgets. The way to add the Adsense ad code and a privacy policy link is through these types of widgets. (If you don’t have WordPress 2.2 or later, there is a widget plug-in that you can find and download to enable widgets for your site.) Inside of the Appearance menu on your WordPress dashboard, there is a Widgets option. You should select this option. Here you will see the widgets that you already have, as well as the widgets that you can choose from. Select a Text Widget. Drag it onto your page into a widget-ready area. Copy your Adsense code from the assembled add that you created, and paste it into this text area. Then click on the Save button. Refresh your page, and then view your website or blog. You will see that the ad is now viewable.

WordPress Theme
The easiest way to add widgets to your website or blog is to use a WordPress theme that is already formatted for widgets. You need a theme that is easily customizable and comes with several widget-ready areas. These widget-ready areas will enable you to add the Google Adsense code and privacy policy link a lot easier.

Privacy Policy
Google now requires each web page (that uses Google Adsense) to contain a privacy policy link. This policy must include a cookie disclosure notice. You should research (through Google) what needs to be written in the privacy policy. Then create your privacy policy, and create a link for it.

To add this link to your website or blog, you add a Text Widget in the same way that you did for the Google Adsense code. Then copy and paste your privacy policy code into the text box and save. Now view your website to view the privacy policy link that you created.

Google Adsense Integrated
Now you have integrated Google Adsense into your WordPress blog. Just make sure to follow all of Google’s policies to stay on its good side, and you will continue to earn a profit from the ads posted on your site.

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