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“If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.”

Lord Kelvin

Website Speed

Improving website speed is the optimization of the website for speed and performance. This depends on the practices and tools that are used to optimize the site. This helps in keeping the user busy by means of retention and fast conversations.

The products that are developed for increasing the speed help in identifying the performance and the best methods that can be used for the site. There are various tools which can be used to optimize the process. I will talk about one of the best; the product of Google, PageSpeed Insights.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is designed to analyze  website contents and suggest means to make the page better and faster. These methods aim at reducing the load time of pages and increase the rate of conversations.

Insights are available as open source browser extensios for Firefox and Google chrome. These insights help webmaster to enhance their webpage performance and determine what could be done to make it better by using the suggestions provided by the tool.

Various tests are performed based on the best practices to enhance the web sites performance. These tests are done on web server of the site and the front end code. A score is generated for each test and suggest means which could help to improve the scores.

These suggestions if followed carefully are good enough to create a highly optimized performance website. These in turn also benefit by reducing bandwidth and hosting costs.

The ways to use PageSpeed Insights

  • For online version without any installation of extensions:
  • If Google Chrome is installed: Chrome Developer Tools can be used to run PageSpeed Insights extension.
  • If Mozilla Firefox (4.0 and above) is installed: Firebug web development tool (1.7 and above) can be used to run PageSpeed Insights extension.

PageSpeed Insights extensions check for occasional updates at regular intervals. The browser makes the update available by providing the option of downloading the updated version with the latest rules and functionality that have been added.

Some quick tips to run PageSpeed Insights for your website

Some quick tips while running PageSpeed Insights on your website are:

a)      Always follow the instructions of the PageSpeed Insights in the browser that is being used. It always provides accurate information and would lead to proper understanding and fewer mistakes.

b)      It is a good idea to open PageSpeed Insights and analyze a website. By clicking on “Analyze Performance” a performance report can be generated for the site. A set of rules and recommendations will be generated along with the report. Always be careful to understand the rule properly and its background before making any changes to its scripts and coding.

c)       It is best to get well acquainted with the tool since there are a number of easily accessible functions and features. Nowadays a lot of tools have built-in features which can be used with just a click rather than having to create them from scratch.

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