There is no denying that online advertising can be a tricky area to navigate. Companies need to consider a number of different things when they are designing a website beyond just the content of the website. Content only matters if the site is able to attract viewers after all. There are a few ways that websites can draw in visitors. One of them is having an easy to remember or creative website name, which can be especially helpful in advertising since it gives something for the audience to remember. This is one way to draw in visitors, but it still relies on them seeing the initial advertisement, which isn’t easy to guarantee on the internet, which is why it is also important to show up in searches.

Location Based Searches

There are a number of different factors which get taken into consideration when creating search algorithms. Again, the actual content of the website does matter, but it is also important that websites show up in correct searches to let viewers see the content. Something that search engines take into account is the location of the person searching, and the potential location of what they are searching for. For example, if someone in Rhode Island was searching for a certain type of store in Rhode Island then the top results obviously aren’t going to be for restaurants that are located in London. This can be especially useful for smaller businesses, since it can help to compete with the superior advertising that larger businesses have simply because they will have more of an advertising budget.


The TLD (Top Level Domain) is what gets placed at the end of a website. For example, in the .com part would be the TLD. With the ever growing number of domains there has been a huge increase in the amount of available TLD’s, and some have become associated with certain regions or part of the world. There are some webmasters that will try to be clever with how they name their website, using the first part of a word and then letting the TLD finish the word. An example of this would be someone named Matt registering the domain MA, and using .tt as the TLD, creating a website that was essentially Matt.

This can be a clever way to get around a domain name that was already taken, but as previously mentioned there are some TLD’s that are associated with specific parts of the world. For example, .ES is commonly associated with websites in Spain, so if someone tried to create a cleverly named website for a New York business that ends in .ES they are actually hurting their site because they won’t be showing up in local searches.

Changing Over Time

TLD’s become associated with areas based in part on the content, so it is possible for a TLD that was once associated with an area to become more generalized. When webmasters are creating a website, this is something that they need to look into when planning the name of a website. It can be frustrated to go with a more standard TLD since many of those domain names are taken, but sometimes it is better to go with a general TLD just to make sure the location properly matches up. Of course for sites, especially locally based ones, this can be an advantage since it could potentially open up more naming options, as long as they are using the correct TLD for that location.

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