LinkedIn for Dummies

LinkedIn, a social networking site where professionals meet to enhance their mutual communication and build better relationship with each other. It has more than 19 million registered users which represents 150+ industries in total. Currently it can be regarded as [...]

How to Write a Successful LinkedIn Recommendation

In LinkedIn, recommendations are nothing but the testimonials or reviews written by other people describing how efficient you are in a particular professional field, how you work and what are the reasons behind their recommendation. Recommendations are really powerful when [...]

Case Study: Founder Kevin Rose Talks About

Digg is a website that allows people to share news (different web content) of their interest with each other. Digging and Burying are two options that people could use to move particular news up and down on Digg. The end [...]

Case Study: CEO Jeff Weiner Talks About

LinkedIn’s foundation stone was laid by Reid Hoffman and his team members from PayPal and in 2002. LinkedIn was then launched in May, 2003 for the people of America.  Reid is company’s ex-CEO and nowadays the Chairman of its [...]

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