Whether it’s a small local corner shop, a medium-sized family-owned business, or a major international corporation, they all ultimately define an advertising campaign as being a success if it attracts new business and increases sales. For consumers, however, a successful advertising campaign is one that ignites emotion and creates a lingering message. For advertising agencies, an award-worthy campaign is one that accomplishes it all:

  • it increases profitability and consumer loyalty for the business,
  • it makes consumers laugh or cry,
  • it’s memorable long after the campaign has run its course, and
  • it keeps folks chatting about it at the office water cooler and the local pub.

An extraordinary advertising campaign is a succinct and a direct communication with its audience ~ the consumer. It doesn’t warrant any additional explanation; it speaks for itself. It encompasses a call to action that quite naturally inspires the viewer to do something ~ laugh out loud (and then create a customized holiday card), look up in the sky (and then book a flight), sport a home team’s jersey (and then snap a photo), and shed a tear (and then donate to a local charity).  Here’s a look at some of the top UK advertising campaigns of 2014:

Harvey Nichols

One of the top 4 UK advertising campaigns of 2014 includes another clever holiday ad for the world-famous luxury retailer, Harvey Nichols.   Continuing on with their “Christmas Card Collection” campaign from 2013 titled “Sorry, I Spent It On Myself!” the retailer’s 2014 message followed in that same self-centered theme with their “Could I Be Any Clearer?” query.  The new ad features a devoted niece signing a holiday card for her dear Aunt.  While it’s clear the aunt loves her niece as the camera pans out to show some of the Christmas gifts she’s picked out for the young girl in the past  (an iron, a puppy throw pillow, and even a djembe), the niece decides that this holiday season she’ll let her Aunt know exactly what she’d like for Christmas.  The niece hand delivers the card to her Aunt, who opens the envelope to find not only a Harvey Nichols holiday card, but also the message that this year the niece wants a pair of Charlotte Olympia silver Octavia sandals with a 6-inch heel! Just like the previous year’s campaign, the brand’s holiday cards are available both in-store and online, and are 100% customizable (after all, not everyone wants a pair of silver sandals in a size 5). The ad campaign garnered 3 awards in 2014.

British Airways

Just when everyone thought the traditional billboard platform couldn’t possibly make an impact in the advertising world these days, British Airways proves the world wrong and gives the advertising industry and consumers alike goosebumps while doing it. Their cleverly-innovative and high-tech ad titled “Magic of Flying” encompasses billboards strategically placed in Piccadilly Circus in London that are able to detect when a British Airways plane flies overhead, below the clouds. A child appears on the billboard running as if to chase the airplane while pointing to the BA just above. Then “magically” the billboard shows the details of the flight overhead, including its flight number and from the city it departed! It’s no surprise this simple, yet highly-innovative ad campaign has won countless awards in 2014, including:

Google, Inc.

For this award-winning “Front Row Image” campaign, the goal was to use Google+ to help football sports fans worldwide connect with their team in an engaging way ~ creating and driving a buzz across media and social networks. The campaign began with the world’s most supported football club, Manchester United and its 650+ million devoted fans. Using the technology of Google+ Hangouts, the campaign was able to bring the fans closer to the pitchside hoardings at Old Trafford than they had ever been before.  Awards for this campaign include:

Depaul, UK: The Youth Homeless Charity

Proving many things ~ including it’s not necessary to be a major corporation in order to launch a phenomenal advertising campaign, this homelessness charity recruited the help of local graffiti artists to create storytelling street art. As part of a campaign called “Don’t Let Their Stories End on The Streets,” each separate art piece appears as a mural in East London.  To capture the stories of the young homeless people succinctly, the struggling youth were interviewed and their stories were used as inspiration for the graffiti artists. In addition to the painted murals, the advertising campaign also includes a digital wall featuring all the artwork. Awards for this campaign include:

While most people remember the ads, the message, and the products, these award-winning campaigns would not be possible without the collaborative and innovative teams at established advertising agencies.  London’s Creative Spark is one such firm that employs the brightest and most creative professionals to brainstorm and collaborate on client projects, ensuring they not only launch without a hitch, but also that they create the client’s intended message successfully.

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