WordPress_SecurityWhat started as a rather simple piece of blogging software has really taken the world by storm. In its earlier days, WordPress was created to help people blog and share their opinions with the world. Its simple and intuitive design made it easy for non-technical people to launch a blog, and it quickly became a success. It did not take long before it was known as an easy to use tool. The fact that it was free also made it very popular. It helped people with a hobby get their ideas and thoughts published on the web easily. WordPress site security also grew in popularity as well.

WordPress Today
That was how things got started, but today WordPress is much more than some simple blogging platform. WordPress has grown to be one of the most popular ways to publish any type of website. You will still find plenty of great blogs that are currently being powered by WordPress, but you will also find full fledged E-commorce sites, huge community sites, advanced business sites and more. WordPress has become one of the most powerful free web publishing systems in the world.

Popularity Can Be a Bad Thing
In general, people want their creations to become popular. People want them to be used in the ways that they were designed to be used, but there are always a handful of people out there who live to exploit security vulnerabilities. This means that every website owner that has a website powered by WordPress might be facing WordPress Site Security issues.

WordPress engineers have done everything that they can to eliminate any exploits that might cause WordPress site security issues, but there are always a handful that manage to slip by. This is by no means a reason to panic. It just means that you have to be diligent to avoid any type of problems. Here are some tips that will help you tackle this issue.

What Version of WordPress Do You Have?
As soon as any type of Security vulnerabilities are found, the software engineers behind the powerful software known as WordPress will release an update that addresses these issues. Making sure that you are using the current version of WordPress will help you avoid almost all WordPress site security problems. This is the easiest way to handle this issue, but there are other things that you can do to ensure that there will be no security concerns.

The core WordPress files are not the only files that are susceptible to security exploits. This also means that you must make sure that all themes and plugins are also using the up-to-date versions as well. Thankfully WordPress makes all of this very simple within the WordPress dashboard. Updates are as easy as clicking a button.

Strong Passwords
In order to prevent people that are looking to exploit WordPress created sites from gaining unauthorized access to your installation of WordPress, make sure that you use strong passwords that include numbers, letters, symbols and capital characters.

These are just a few simple ways that you can make sure that your site is safe from any type of WordPress site security issues.

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