It is interesting how we can come across many spammy sites when searching the net in India. People often wonder if Google treats international sites just like they treat the sites that have their domain in the USA. They have two different types of engineers that take care of the spam on the web. They have the algorithm engineers and also the manual engineers. Although some people believe they focus on the USA it is not true. The Google team of engineers is focused in fighting spam in a global scale and not only in the USA like most people believe.

In fact Google counts with a huge team of professionals that are able to fight spam in 40 different languages. Those languages that they are not able to understand they will treat in a different way but surely they “internationalize” the whole process and analyse it just like they did with the other terms they could understand. Of course the attention given to US .com domains are sometimes bigger, since most engineers speak English, however it should not compromise the services they do in other domains, such as Indian domains for example. Google also expects the public to collaborate, especially if they are able to understand languages other than English (these languages might take a longer period of time in order to be thoroughly analysed by spam professionals.). Google hopes that people just like you report that certain sites have too much spam or even keyword stuffing. Your help is essential! You can simply drop a notice for the team and then it will make their service much easier. Thanks to people from all over the world Google has been already able to fight a lot of spam!

Video: Does the webspam team fight spam in non-US markets such as India?
(YouTube Release: Aug 5, 2013)

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