First Follower: Leadership Lessons From Dancing Guy	Leadership is portrayed in various ways and if you want a simple way to see how leadership works, the video revealed the simplicity of starting a movement, which is in other words, leadership. The video is all about leadership in which one has the courage to stand all alone doing what he/she likes, despite being ridiculed or considered crazy. Another aspect of being a leader is that what you are sharing to others is easy to follow and you have the initiative to show others how to follow what you are doing. In the video, a person is all alone dancing while the rest are sitting or just watching his courageous display. In no time, the first follower started to join along with the same movements just like the leader. Of course, standing up as the first follower requires a lot of courage despite the ridicule from the crowd. In doing so, the action of the first follower transforms the crazy person dancing all alone into the leader. After some time, another follower joins in the two. Three persons are already considered a crowd.

As the three continued to dance with the same movements, more followers continued to join them and it became a large crowd that initially started with just a single person. It resulted to a momentum where movement was indeed evident. Others who simply watched and would not join in the dancing spree. In the scenario, the leader, should nurture the first follower as an equal and make it a point that the movements are clearly showed. If you want the best way to start a movement, as the first follower, you must courageously follow and show others how to follow. In no time, it will stir a movement in which others will eagerly follow and the chain continues on.

Video: Derek Sivers – First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy
(First YouTube Release in February, 2010)

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