derek siversHi everyone! From today onward, I will be reviewing some of the coolest videos by Derek Sivers! Hope you will enjoy this series.

Video: If It’s Not A Hit, Switch
In the video, it shows that you can achieve success as long as you have the persistence to push through, as long as it is creating the right response. A person can easily achieve success in just a short span of time, even doing small task or simple things, just as long as it is able to generate a big response. On the other hand, the road to success is not that simple as what most people perceive. After spending a number of years on promotion, marketing and networking as well as other related tasks, it proved to be an uphill battle and ended up facing locked doors in the path to achieving success. Of course, progress can be achieved but a lot of effort is required. You can create a hit that may unlock all the locked doors leading to your success, but it might take you years to achieve what you wanted. What was shared in the video is that persistence is the key.

On the other hand, this kind is different since if you want to achieve success, it will come from persistently improving and inventing on what you intend to achieve. It is not persistently doing what is not working. If what you are doing is not considered a hit, do not push it and suffer for many years, instead you have to go back to the drawing board and reinvent as well as find different ways to make it a better one. Do not just simply settle for less since if you do, it will not eventually bring you the success that you’ve always yearned for. Always remember that if you have a goal to achieve in life, you must make it a point to improve and invent until you get a big response on what you actually aimed for.

Video: If it’s not a hit, switch
(Released on YouTube: June, 2011)  

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