Video: Is Nofollow Needed For Widgets or Infographics ?

In a perfect world, webmasters are going to be able to create their own websites from scratch using their own individual codes. Generally this isn’t for the whole site, but at least some sections are going to contain codes that were created by someone else. With widgets, things can get a little more complicated because of embedded codes.

Embedded Codes

Embedded codes are simply a type of code that is put into a widget that applies to a specific site. Sometimes this is done on purpose, since putting embedded code can actually redirect anyone trying to use these widgets to go to another part of the site. Other times it is done more on accident, with the creator essentially overlooking embedded codes. It is incredibly easy to miss any embedded codes when copying a widget, since code strings are by their nature very complicated to read and try to sort through, especially for anyone that isn’t familiar with writing code themselves.

Ways Around Embedded Code

There are a few things that coders can do to ensure that embedded codes aren’t a problem. One of the options is to include an extra bit of coding, rel= “nofollow” which will make it so that users won’t have to worry about the embedded code at all. A simpler approach though is for the coder to simply advertise the fact that there is an embedded code and just give the user the option of not including it. This is the simpler option because it actually alerts the user to the fact that there is an embedded code.

Embedded codes are something that webmasters need to be aware of, since it is something that can potentially be abused. Embedded codes can be maliciously placed on a website so the content ultimately redirects to a third party, which not only steals visitors, but the site that it gets linked to could be something that tries to scam the user.

Video: Should I add rel=”nofollow” to links that are included with my widget?

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