Google has been the dominant search engine for many years, so any changes to the Google search algorithm is going to draw attention from webmasters. Being ranked high in search engines is critical for any webmasters because the higher the ranked, the greater the chances of bringing in visitors. Recently, Google has made what they are advertising as a huge change to their search algorithm in the form of Hummingbird.

Brief Introduction to Google Hummingbird?

There still isn’t that much information on Hummingbird, despite the fact that it has been put into place right around the end of August. One of the biggest changes is that Google Analytics no longer shows what keywords visitors are using in order to find sites. Hummingbird has also been advertised as using a more refined algorithm to filter out malicious websites and “fake” websites which were designed to trick the previous algorithm and show sites that had nothing to do with what the user initially searched for. If webmasters are concerned about what impact Hummingbird may have had, they should use Webmaster Tools or Analytics and pay attention to the last week of August and the first week or two of September, since this is when changes from Hummingbird would have an impact. If nothing has changed, then chances are nothing will, and if it does it likely isn’t related to Hummingbird.

Knowledge Graph Changes

There are a number of changes going into Google that concerns searchers as opposed to just webmasters. Knowledge Graph now has filters that interact with Google Now, which has a number of useful features. Most of these changes are centered on making searches more convenient. For example, when searching for musicians Knowledge Graph can display songs and albums that the musician has written, along with websites that relate to the musician.

Changes to Facebook Searches

There are more searches changing besides just Google. Facebook is updating their search filters, giving users the option of being able to search through status updates and posts. This is a useful and highly sought after feature, making it a simple process for users to find older posts from their friends without having to trudge through hundreds of unrelated posts.

Video: Google’s Hummingbird, Facebook Search Useful & AdSense Drops On Government Shutdown
(YouTube Release:  Oct 4, 2013)

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