It is always important to know what your rights and obligations are, even when you are connected online to the largest video website currently available on the internet. It is important to understand that posting videos on the web is much more than simply uploading content for people to see, or even downloading content. There is a whole relation of ownership, even when the subject are videos.

If you upload original content, content created by you, you will have it protected with Copyright. Now if you decide to share a video that is someone else’s you will also know that the video is copyrighted by someone else. Although many people think their videos are unprotected actually they are not. YouTube has something called the Take-down process that protects video owners. It is very easy to use this tool. In case you notice someone uploaded your original video without your permission you can send YouTube a copyright infringement notice and then YouTube will take further actions into the matter.

We also have the content ID scheme that is triggered automatically whenever a new video is uploaded on the site. This content ID scanner will look for content (even songs or video excerpts) that were copyrighted by someone else. Now if you would like to remix, criticize or even comment on videos that you liked or did not like, of course not being offensive to anyone. This is called the Fair Use policy! YouTube created such policy so people would be able to be themselves a little bit and use their imagination. Although some people can think it is not good, YouTube is not up for censorship. In case you have any doubts YouTube counts with several helpful video guides that are fun to watch! Good luck and have fun uploading content to your video account!

Video: YouTube Copyright Basics
(YouTube Release: Jul 1, 2013)

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