YouTube Content IDEvery single day millions of videos are uploaded on YouTube, one of the most famous video sites of the moment. It does not matter your age or even what kind of video you would like to broadcast, however there is one thing that should concern every current or future video updater. The copyright of the videos posted.

For instance, you know that band or hit that you simply love? You added beautiful pictures to a video and added the song, created a video and posted on YouTube. However that song was produced by other people. The question is: How can these origianl producers know that their songs, or any other kind of video is spreading on YouTube, how can they find them? The answer is simple: By using the YouTube Content ID, powered by the YouTube site.

This program allows these producers to choose how they want their content exposed on the video broadcasting site. The YouTube content ID compares the data of the video you want to update to the data that is already posted on the site. This great program is able to identify audio matches, video matches, videos that are the same but have different image/ audio quality and so on.

Every single time the YouTube Content ID finds matches to the video one wants to upload a team contacts the real owners of that material and ask then what they would like to do. The owner can choose either the video is blocked or shown on the site. For the original owners it is mostly good because they can also make profit out of these fan videos.

Therefore the YouTube Content ID allows copyright owners to have their work either blocked or showed on the site. This is a great opportunity for these direct owners to have their work all over YouTube making the profit chances skyrocket!

Video: YouTube Content ID
(YouTube Release: September, 2010)

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