The vast rise in the use of the internet as a marketing and advertising communication tool has changed the role of the traditional marketing and PR agency to one which utilises all digital resources for companies to drive results in the same way offline media does.

In the past, advertising and PR concentrated on campaigns in newspapers, on the radio and television and in areas such as magazines and billboards.

Things are rapidly changing though with the growth of online marketing through the use of internet advertising on computers, tablets and smartphones.

The main areas a digital marketing agency covers are

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Web Design
  • Google penalty removal
  • Social media strategies
  • Content marketing

There are other areas which some agencies may specialise in such as video production but the business usually encompasses all aspects of online strategy presence.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is all about ensuring that a website ranks as highly as possible using a variety of techniques which revolve mostly around content which contains popularly searched for keywords and looking for relevant websites such as blogs to add links back to the original website. Google ranks websites on the number of ‘votes’ it receives and – basically speaking – every link counts as a vote. The important aspect of SEO is to stay firmly within the guidelines set out by Google to ensure that they do not feel that there is any kind of ranking manipulation being attempted.

Pay per Click (PPC)

A Pay per Click campaign uses targeted keywords and ad groups which when correctly utilised, result in leads and in turn conversions to sales.  PPC has changed over the years and so there are specialists now who can lead successful campaigns to produce large numbers of conversions to then turn into cash for the company. Pay per Click is also about the maximisation of Return of Investment as there is always an initial cost to this kind of marketing.

Web Design

Web Design can combine a number of skills; design, creative writing and technical. Some clients may be looking for a website to be built from scratch and others may have an existing site which needs refreshing or completely rebuilding.

There’s also the element of clients who require problems and issues with their site to be resolved and this can be handled by many in-house web design technical teams.

Google Penalty Removal

Google has toughened up on the quality of the content on websites it promotes when users input their search queries. They use their calculations – called algorithms – to push those sites with the highest quality content and relevance to the top of the results. If it feels a site is manipulating their rules, they will issue a manual penalty which will see a website crashing down the rankings. It’s often then a time consuming issue to resolve as there is a need for site audits and the removal of rogue links and content. This is often the job of experienced specialists who will take a great deal of time to undo the damage and liaise with Google to remove the penalty.

Social media strategies

The use of social media is the number one way to get a message out into the public domain and to see it quickly spread across the online communities. A social media strategy is now necessary for any company wanting to raise awareness of their brand and instil loyalty and repeat custom.

Content marketing

High quality and relevant content is now required for any online articles or guest blogs and content writers who are experts in their field are now an integral part of any successful digital marketing agency.  Google looks carefully at content on all websites and well-written content is designed to build up a following of website traffic which will return on a regular basis to read more.

In order to maintain your online presence you need a reputable full service digital agency, like Digital Next, in control of your website.

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