forum softwaresA discussion area on which people can share their thoughts and discuss different topics with each other by posting messages on it and commenting on the other posted messages is known as forum.

In some forums the user has to register and log in every time he wants to post any messages while in some forums there is no need to log in for reading the messages posted before. The user has to log in or not entirely depends on the setting of the forum. In forums the messages are saved for a specific period of time. The message posted by any internet user on the forum becomes visible only if the forum moderator allows it because the moderator is responsible of keeping the forum clean.

Conversation on any topic newly started is known as thread. The administrator and moderator have full control over the discussion board and the forum content is managed by them.

A forum is very useful and important for a website or a blog. There is a wide variety of forum softwares available with different features; some are paid while others are free. A person should select forum software which provides full features.

PhpBB is one of the best open source forum softwares. With the help of this forum software, staying connected with the group of people is very easy. A person can made a great forum in a very short time as this software contains a wide range of styles and image packages for the discussion board. The features provided by phpBB are not provided by any other forum software. Its installation is very easy and also the plugins are installed easily. Admin can use this software with ease. It is in PHP programming language.

Some of its great features are as follows:

  • It provides many tools that keep the spam and the unwanted users away from the discussion board.
  • Files can be shared attaching to the posts.
  • The looks and the operation of the discussion board can be easily managed by the admin.
  • PhpBB contains a powerful plugin system which connects this forum software to other applications.
  • It has a feature with which the users can send private messages to the other users.
  • It supports a wide range of database storage servers which includes MySQL, Microsoft SQL server, PostgreSQL, Firebird and Oracle Database.
  • It provides many methods for notifying the users about the activities like the instant messages, email and atom feeds.
  • It also provides the security features.
  • It gives the option to the user to use the style he/she likes the most, if many different styles are installed on the board.
  • Users are the most important part of a discussion board so; this forum software has a unique feature that it provides signatures and avatars to the users. A user can select the one which he likes. A user can also make his Friends/Foe list in it. The users can set their profiles easily and can add the information about themselves which they want to share with other users.
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