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We are at the early stages of crypto gaming and metaverses. Many of the games are at the development stage, only a few are functional. Most of the development stage games can only show some images and polished animations. In this environment, there are some rare high-quality projects that can give you the substance more than the hype.

Today, we will take a closer look at such a project, Dark Frontiers. Let’s see some gameplay then, right? Here is a sneak peek at their pre-alpha user interface:

Dark Frontiers (website, Twitter, Telegram) is a play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse. You can experience this gamified space realm with PC and VR. It is the first game by Gamestarter Originals.

Gamestarter is a company that you should watch closely as the adoption for crypto gaming, metaverse, and NFTs increases. When you visit their website, you may think that it is another launchpad for games. However, it is a launchpad, accelerator, game development studio, and they will be launching their metaverse, NFT marketplace, and gaming guild. GAME is their token.

Dark Frontiers is the product of the game development studio leg of Gamestarter. This space realm has its own token, DARK.

You can use the DARK tokens for staking, in-game transactions, DAO voting, and as part of the rewards system in the game. It is a BEP-20 token on Binance Smart Chain. It is currently trading on PancakeSwap, Hoo, BKEX, and Gate.io. You can find the price chart for the DARK token below:

Let’s compare the market caps of similar games/metaverses. Each of these games is unique but we added them to the chart below considering the 3D and/or space aspects. Besides Dark Frontiers (DARK) and Gamestarter (GAME) tokens, we added Illuvium (ILV), Decimated (DIO), Star Atlas tokens (ATLAS, in-game token, and POLIS, DAO governance token), and Sidus Heroes tokens (SIDUS, in-game token, and SENATE, governance token). At the time of writing, some of these tokens didn’t have market caps but you can find the live data in the chart.

The game will come with play-to-earn, multiplayer, and open-world map mechanics. Lands, bases, spaceships, spacesuits, and other tools can be acquired, upgraded, and traded.

Mining and fighting will create revenue and opportunities for further upgrades. You can explore new planets and moons, conquer dangerous frontiers, confront aliens, extract valuable resources from your claimed lands, and battle with other players and NPCs (non-player characters).

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The motto of the team is “Gameplay first, blockchain second”. Their goal is that the art, soundtrack, and storyline of the game will reflect their motto. You can get the feeling of their universe better after you watch the teaser trailer of the game:

They had an exclusive NFT sale on Binance NFT. They sold Gamma, Beta, and Alpha limited edition spacesuits. It was a success and all Alpha and Beta spacesuits were sold out in under 20 minutes. These three tiers of spacesuits come with unique designs, protection and speed levels, varying oxygen levels (gives you playtime), and random skills or attributes.

When can you start playing? Let’s check the roadmap,

  • Mini browser game launch: 2022 Q1
    This will be a separate browser-based strategy game. You will focus on the strategic aspects of the game, by claiming and owning land and trading resources. You will build your intergalactic economic empire in this browser game. Their main focus is the downloadable RPG (role-playing game) version though.
  • RPG, community soft launch (closed alpha): 2022 Q2
    For spacesuit owners, most active community members, and DARK token stakers
  • RPG, public launch (open alpha): 2022 Q3-Q4
  • RPG, frequent & major updates in 2023: new locations, planets, aliens, features, and more

As they are getting closer to launch, they share behind-the-scenes clips such as the one below. They use the Unity 3D game engine. For more of these game development updates, concept art, and other announcements, you can check their Medium page.

Dark Frontiers is backed by investors like Icetea Labs, Basics Capital, LD Capital, and more. You can find all the investors, DARK token distribution and vesting periods, and the team behind the project in the images below.

investors in the project
Investors backing Dark Frontiers
Token distribution
DARK Token Distribution
Dark Vesting
DARK Token Vesting Periods
Team behind the game
The team behind the game

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