Sell me this pen. It is an NFT!

sell me this pen it is an nft schiff meme

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This post is a part of our The Elephant in the Blockchain series. While our “Influential People” & “Blockchain Quotes” series are easy to understand, our “The Elephant in the Blockchain” series might need an explanation. It is for “hard” questions. We are excited about the future of blockchain, and we think that answering brutally honest questions will help the industry and the users.

If all crypto community creates new “rare” NFTs with no utility, who will buy all of them in the end? Maybe Peter Schiff?

Do you think that the supply and demand mechanics of the current NFT art market is broken? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

We mentioned Peter Schiff because he is a vocal critic of cryptocurrencies. Check the video below where Peter Schiff and Anthony Scaramucci have a Bitcoin vs Gold debate. The host is Anne McElvoy from Intelligence Squared:

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